picture of myself driving in a convertible

Hello my name is Valeria Nava

A little about myself is I am currenlty a senior at Texas State university studying public relations and mass commuication with a concentration in digtial media and a minor in media studies. I am currenlty on track to graduate a year early. Taking 18 credit hours each semester is tough but it's paying off with being a summmer 2020 graduate. I choose to study public relations and mass communication because my dream job would be to work in New York City, with the company Betches Media.

I was born and rasied in San Antonio,Texas. Go Spurs go! Growing up in a Hispanic family and in a very culturally rich city. I have come to love and appreciate different cultures. I choose Texas State as my undergrad because the campus is beautiful, particularly Old Main. Reflecting upon my last year here, San Marcos has become a new home to me. Having to leave soon will be hard, but I'm excited for post-grad life.

Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, baking and spontaneous trips. Reading has been a passion of mine ever since I could remember. The Harry Potter series is what started my love for reading. So, now I make it a goal to re-read it every summer. Going to the book store and walking between the selves until finding the perfect book to read; is one of my favorite things to do. I deeply believe in the phrase "Treat Yourself" which results in always running to Bird's Bakery and grabbing cupcakes for any small accomplishment. Lastly, I love being a wild card and taking sponantuous trips, whether its going down to Dallas for a weekend trip or a 18 hour road trip just becuase, but I am always packed and ready to head out.
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Gossip Girl Peonies Cupcakes
The Bold Type Sunflowers Macarons
Sex and the City White Roses Chocolate Chip Cookies

Feel free to contact me at ven3@txtstate.edu