Books on a table

Reading is power, because you gain more knowledge. Reading allows you to run away from your problems and be momentary distracted by the pages in front of you. There are so many genres to choose from, it can be overwhemling at times. Although it make take some time there is a book out there for everyone to choose from.

My all-time favorite book which started me on my passion for reading was the Harry Potter series. The adventure, hardship and friendship components capture you into wanting to read more. The whole idea of another world that is filled with witches and spells sparks an unlimited imagination. That captures you into reading all 7 books. The series will make you fall in love with every character and keeps you re-reading every chance you get.

Next, "Nice is Just a Place in France" is the perfect read for a night off or at the beach. It's a satirical focus on how women should not be nice and just go for it. Truthfully every boss babe out there should read it at least once. It is sure to make you laugh from romance, personal and work life tips, it has advice for anyone just wanting to go for it.

Lastly, #GirlBoss is about Sophia Amoruso the founder of Nasty Gal. It's an inspiring read for young women or aspiring entrepreneurs; on how to be boss in their own everyday life. She talks about struggles many women can face and how to overcome them. It's the perfect book to pick up at night and randomly pick again, right where you left off whenever there's a spare chance.

Top favorite books to read: