Traveling has alwasy been an insipration of mine since I could remember. Recently now that I am in college I have had the freedom to travel more. So I have made it a goal to travel at least somewhere every two or three months.Even if its a small weekend gatway. Recently one the places I have traveled to was Charlottle, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

One of my favorite aspects about traveling is getting to see new ares. Getting to explore other major cities downtown and seeing how they are differnt to my hometown is exciting. Including eating at local places, how the cuisine might be different or more diverse depending on the cities. Also the exposure to different cultures is fascinating. I love getting to learn different cities and try to understand them while traveling.

Lastly, traveling gives me a sense of peace. Its therapeutic in how for a short moment your responsibilities dissapper and instead you get to breath and go on a adventure. Getting to travel in college has been so nice because its given me inspiration in my daily life and potentially my next move post college. I am currenlty in the process of planning for my post-grad vacation trip scheduled for the summer.

Top places I want to travel:

  1. Paris,Itlay
  2. Santorini, Greece
  3. Dublin, Ireland
  4. Cairo,Egypt
  5. Cape Town, South African